Bill copeland writing 

Expert analysis, consulting, and documentation in the fields of Cybernetic Systems, process control, software development, and technical presentations. Organize, track, and manage high-tech projects, including proposals, functional requirements, technical specs, and resource requirements. Video resources support technical information presentations, documentaries, proposals, application guides, science news, and science fiction. Office in Palo Alto at the hub of Silicon Valley. 

Recent projects include: 
LectureMaker Studio video projects
patent writing for virtual system configuration 
end-user documentation in support of marketing IPTV 
user guides for contract writing software applications 
guides for portal-based business applications 
Cosmic Swan, science fiction novella (

Welcome to my world

The universe

  1. * did not start with a bang

  2. * will not end with a crunch

  3. * will not fly away

The universe will be here forever and so will we.